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Test PCR in Algeciras

With URGENT results

With URGENT results

PCR With results the next day
(Before 12:00pm)

Certificate to travel with QR code

Without prior appointment


PCR Test in 6 hours

Certificate to travel with QR code

Without prior appointment


Urgent PCR Test

Certificate to travel with QR code

Without prior appointment



Certificate to travel with QR code

without prior appointment


Get your COVID certificate

Once the test is done, we issue the certification of your results, meeting all the necessary requirements to travel, as well as a QR code that facilitates its use during the trip.


We carry out PCR tests and antigen tests to detect COVID with or without an appointment. Our clinic is open every day, from Monday to Sunday. PCR tests can be requested with urgen results in a few hours, while antigen tests have results in the same day.

All the results of our tests are accompanied by a valid physical and/or digital certificate to travel. Once the results are obtained, the clinic provides the certificate via e-mail or at the establishment itself.

PCR tests to travel

There are many countries that still have restrictions when crossing their borders. At Clínica Regenia we inform you and provide you with all the documents you must carry regarding the COVID disease.


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    At Clínica Regenia we specialize in performing PCR tests and Antigen Tests. Depending on the test, there is the possibility of obtaining the results on the same day and urgent results in a few hours.

    If you need to detect COVID infection, both the antigen test and the PCR test perform this analysis. While PCR tests detect the genetic material of the virus, antigen tests only locate some of its proteins. Therefore, a PCR test is much more reliable than an antigen test.

    You can request your appointment through all our communication channels: telephone, whatsapp or mail. Even so, we have the possibility of carrying out tests without an appointment by going directly to the clinic.

    Yes. Check our opening hours and go directly to our clinic to carry out your diagnostic test.

    We perform PCR with results the next day for €60, PCR in 6 hours for €70, urgent PCR for €95 and antigen test for €25. If you need a special service (home test, tests for events or companies) request more information through our form.

    PCR tests and antigen tests are performed through the nostrils, extracting a sample of respiratory secretions with a swab or stick. From this sample, the presence of SARS-CoV-2 is evaluated.

    As in the PCR test, the ANTIGEN TEST also requires the extraction of a sample from the nostrils or throat using a swab. This test makes it possible to detect certain characteristic proteins of the virus.

    Provided it is performed properly and by a professional, PCR offers high reliability, even at low viral loads.
    In the case of the antigen test, it has a reliability of between 80% and 99%, which makes it an equally safe test.

    Yes. In both the PCR tests and the antigen tests you can obtain your certificate with the results on the same day. While the results of the antigen tests are obtained on the same day, the PCR tests can have urgent results in a few hours.

    Once the test has been carried out and the period for obtaining the results has passed, you will be given your approved and valid COVID Certificate to travel.

    The country of destination establishes the COVID requirements. We recommend that you consult the information published by the country’s authorities in order to perform the correct test at the right time. Typically, a negative PCR test is required 48 or 72 hours prior to arrival.
    At Clínica Regenia we will give you a COVID Certificate that meets all the requirements to travel.

    You can call us at 648 57 31 60, write to us by whatsapp or send us a message through our form.