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Antibody identification test in Granada and madrid

since 60€*

since 60€*

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What is the antibody identification test?

Serological test, whose purpose is to identify the amount and type of antibodies present in our body, to determine if they have been produced after infection or post vaccination. With this type of test, in the case of a positive result in having overcome the disease and having antibodies present in your organism at the time of the test.

Antibody identification test

Post-vaccine antibodies

Antibodies after having the infection


How is it done?

The test procedure is similar to that of serology, a conventional blood draw will be performed, without the need to fast.

The test results will be delivered to the e-mail address provided before the test.

When is it convenient to perform it?

Indicated from 2/3 weeks after vaccination or suspicion of infection.

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    As mentioned above, after performing the test, it will be possible to determine what type of antibodies you have. In the event that the antibodies present are due to a recent infection, a document certifying that you have overcome the infection is provided. By presenting this result, you will be able to travel without any problem.

    If, on the other hand, the only thing you want to know is if you still have antibodies to respond to a future infection, this is also the solution, because you can see if your organism after the vaccine still has the antibodies it needs to respond to covid.